Travel Photos

Photos of our mascot's travels around the world!
My students loved to see Cheetah's travel pictures and write about what he did on vacation using past tense verbs.  We wrote about his trips at different points during the school year to build our ability to write in complete sentences, focusing on subject-verb agreement, past tense verbs (regular and irregular), articles before nouns, proper vs. common nouns, and prepositions.  We all had fun learning about different places in the world.  We wanted to show our books of photos and captions to other people, so we worked hard to edit them and make sure we weren't missing any words and that we added details so that readers could visualize his trip!
Cheetah in New York City, where he gazed at the Met Life building.

Cheetah visited the basin in Central Park on a sunny afternoon.

He stopped at the Tavern on the Green for lunch and some relaxing in the flowers.

Cheetah wore his seatbelt on the flight to Florida!

He almost missed seeing a dolphin in the water: turn around, Cheetah!

Over winter vacation, Cheetah visited Mexico.  Look at the mountain behind him!

He relaxed in a beach chair under an umbrella.

"I'm stuck in this mug!"

Cheetah loves futbol (soccer), but this jersey didn't fit him.  It was way too big!

He bought a tiny sombrero to wear.

Next, Cheetah traveled to Vietnam.  He bought a new hat, which kept the rain off this face.  Here he is inside a cave in Halong Bay.

Cheetah kayaked around the bay.  He should have worn a life preserver, but there wasn't one in his size.

In Cambodia, Cheetah got a ride in a tuk-tuk, which is a cart pulled by a motorcycle.

He also visited some temples called wats, which are ancient religious buildings.


Now my traveling friend is Willie, Peter's dog from the book A Snowy Day, written by Ezra Jack Keats.

This spring, Willie went to the capital of the U.S.A., Washington, D.C.  Look at everything he did and saw there!

Cheetah went to Colombia next.  What did he see?  What did he do?  

And here he is in Hawaii!  What can you learn about our island state from the photographs?