Nicole Walters 2016


My purposes as an educator are to teach to the whole student and to ensure every child the education and care that is their right.  I want to join [      ] to learn from a school that puts students’ needs and curiosity first and share my talents in backward-designed curriculum, collaboration, language integration, and optimistic work ethic.


Valley View Elementary School                                          08/2005-06/2011, 08/2014-present

·     Instructed students to their goal of achieving Percentage Estimated Growth (PEG) scores between 93-120 on the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) bi-yearly assessment.
·     Lead creation of curricular scope & sequence with teams of classroom teachers that comprehensively integrated oral and academic language into all content areas.
·     Officially trained in Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), Content-Based Instruction (CBI), Responsive Classroom, Response to Intervention (RTI), Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), and Whole Brain Teaching.
·     Accelerated students’ learning after school through intensive guided reading practice, individualized English instruction, Camp Invention, OAmbassadors community service group, and ballet classes.
·     Initiated school committees on diversity and equity, involving speakers, book studies, workshops, and membership in the District Diversity Advisory Council.

East Harlem Scholars Academy                                         07/2011-06/2014

·     Created a co-teaching, collaborative, and content-based teaching model as the Founding English as a Second Language teacher.
·     Researched, self-created, and implemented an internal English exam based on the four modalities of language and the developmentally appropriate stages of vocabulary and grammar acquisition.
·     Celebrated diverse characters and authors of children’s literature through posters with summaries and biographical information hung in every hallway of the school.
·     Promoted and honored students’ pride in their heritage languages through weekly bilingual breakfast.


University of St. Thomas                                                         07/2016-06/2017
Teaching license in K-6 Elementary Education

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities                                  06/2004-08/2006
M.Ed. Second Languages and Cultures Education, Teaching license in K-12 ESL

Washington University in St. Louis                                      08/2000-05/2004
B.A. Educational Studies, minor Spanish

Strengths & Skills

•Experienced in collaborative co-teaching and planning to best meet the needs of ALL students.
•Intermediate Spanish-speaker, reader, and writer; constant improvement.
•Open to and grateful for all feedback, suggestions, and support in my professional development.
•Proficient in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Google Drive, Groups, and Pages, as well as SeeSaw and multiple educational apps.
•Enthusiastically develop strong relationships with students’ families and family/community engagement in my school.
•Taught Sunday School for kindergarten and 2nd graders for two years, revamping the entire curriculum to include community outreach, family engagement, and authentic reading and writing skills.

Nicole Walters 2011

        Teaching Experience


  Demonstrated best practices of instruction for ESL students in 2nd grade through improved average literacy assessment scores, from a percent of estimated growth (fall-spring) on the Computerized Achievement Levels Test (CALT) of                            46% in 2005 to 121% in 2010, exceeding the CIP goal for all students school-wide.
  Gained proficiency in all ESL teaching models: pull-out classes with content-based instruction, combined pull-out and inclusion classes, and fully collaborative models, instructing whole classes and small groups of students based on need.
   Trained and proficient in the use of Response to Intervention (RTI), Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS), Balanced Literacy, Guided Reading instruction and Reading First. 
  Created Individualized Behavior Plans for students with EBD and ASD, fostering relationships that led to success.
• Researched and wrote a stand-alone, standards-based curriculum (literacy and social studies) for 3rd grade ESL students, providing a foundation of United States' history, culture, and geography content through which language was taught.
• Developed a language enrichment curriculum correlated with the Making Meaning Comprehension series, used by teachers over the school year for 100+ students at the second grade level, with self-produced realia and iPod practice programs.
•  Gained experience with purposeful collaborative planning, helping to publish a comprehensive online curriculum map with classroom teachers and reading specialists, guided by backward design, content and language goals, and ongoing reflection.
  Contributed to the planning and initiatives of the Parent and Family Involvement Committee, Diversity Committee, Mentoring Program Leadership, PBIS Leadership, Community Collaboration Council, and Literacy Leadership.
  Gained authority of, instructed and supported colleagues school-wide in the Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), a research-based model for instruction that benefits the authentic language development of all students.        
  Presented "Strategies for Elementary-Level Content-Based Vocabulary Instruction" at the Minnesota ELL, Bilingual, and Migrant Conference, April 2011.
  Sponsored local O Ambassadors Club (2008-2010), an enrichment program through Free the Children, teaching global mindedness and empathy, and empowering students to think critically about issues and aid for children around the world.
  Mentored a student with social-emotional needs (2008+), fostering a beneficial school-home relationship based on mutual trust, supporting his emotional development of affective dispositions and his participation in the school science fair.
  Intermediate Spanish fluency and literacy; will pursue improvement with authentic dialogue in the Spanish-speaking community, academic study, and by living and teaching abroad (past Spanish study in Spain for 6 weeks in 2009).
  Languages and cultures of the world, international travel, and promoting a global perspective in my students.
  Long-distance biking for exploration and endurance, ballet for regimen and grace, yoga for flexibility and peace.
  Nutritious cooking, to promote responsible care for personal health and model conscious and informed choices for kids.

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